TRIED & TESTED.  No Frills, More Protection.

Available Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL

CODE: B+20

  • B = Extra Coverage to protect the Femoral Artery
  • + = 12% Extra Protection (ie: calf coverage)
  • 20 = Passes EU Cut Test, Class 1 @ 20m/sec

Approved by:

Pangolin Certified

* The traditional design B of the Standard EN 381-5, was chosen by the SA Forestry Industry, backed by FESA and SABS due to the femoral artery protection in both the left and right leg. Should a chainsaw operator sustain a cut to the femoral artery, they could bleed to death within seconds.

** Studies quantified in the SA Chainsaw Safety and Operating Handbook (produced by FESA & ICFR), reveal that 12% of leg injuries occur in the calf area. Only our B+ range offers both EU certification and calf protection.

NOTE: The user of this trouser must be skilled in the correct and safe use of the chainsaw, as the safeguard offered by this garment in no way offers total protection against the use of a chainsaw or its improper us.

The user of this trouser must aquaint themselves fully with the instructions for the operation of the chainsaw; and correct care of the garment itself.


  1. Always use chainsaw operator trousers  when operating a chainsaw.
  2. Make sure the garment fits you comfortably and is in good condition. When fitting the garment, ensure that the chain clogging fabric extends over the safety footwear.
  3. Wash according to instructions on the label. Washing temperatures higher than the recommended 40/60 degrees Celsius, or tumble drying this garment may cause shrinkage, reducing the coverage & effectiveness of the chain clogging fabric. Reshape the trousers after washing, while still wet. Air dry in a flat position.
  4. The protective pad must not be altered in any way. Once the protective material has been damaged, the safety of the trousers is compromised therefore DISCARD the garment immediately. The hem may be turned up by 25mm, not more as this would interefere with the protective fabric.
  5. The purchaser is held liable for disposal of used garments in an environmentally responsible manner.
  6. Chain cutter angle: Sharpen according to manufacturers specs.