TRIED & TESTED: No Frills, More Protection!

Pangolin Manufacturing cc is named after our prehistoric and endemic African pangolins. Their 80 million year evolution produced the worlds one-and-only scaled mammal. Pangolins are able to roll into a tough, spiky self-defense ball. Their “armor-plated” scales, worked by powerful muscles, are capable of a cutting action which can inflict serious wounds. This combination of defence and protection due to how they “dress” inspired us!! The vague similarity to chainsaw action that their scales affect amused us – and so, the name. **

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Pangolin Manufacturing logo

Our logo depicts the pangolin in all its armoured glory (with a nod to the pine cone)… we love the strength and forward motion represented.


Our team of experienced seamstresses & seamsters are vigilant about producing quality products and our office staff are customer driven, aiming to help wherever possible – a recipe that has worked well since 1992.  Karen Aitken bought her father, Athol Aitken (ex-forester and founder of the business), out in 2006 and has adapted the business to suit our changing market requirements as needed.  Our general manager, Mike Stephenson, puts a polish onto customer service, loves lean management systems and up-skills staff at every opportunity.

Pangolin Manufacturing Team

**The name “pangolin” comes from a Malay word that translates into “roller” describing their defence mechanism. Their habitat is highly varied, including grasslands, dense woodlands, tropical and sub-tropical forest areas. Some live in trees hanging from branches using their fifth limb, their tails. They can swim long distances and dig 40 metre burrows.  Quite adorably, baby pangolins ride on their mothers’ tails until they are about three months old.

Sadly our 4 African species of pangolin: the giant; ground; white-bellied (or tree) and black-bellied, are endangered due to heavy trafficking for food and medicine. We proudly support Pangolin.Africa’s Rescue and Rehabilitation project.

In an attempt to give back some of what we take out, we also sponsor the South African Reforestation Trust.

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Pangolin Manufacturing has steadfastly safeguarded the forestry and agriculture industries since 1992

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